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Grow Your Business with the Owners Game

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Calling All Business Owners – Can You Sell This Company?

The Owners Game helps business owners get smarter about running a business, without having to suffer the real life consequences. It is a team game played with a virtual company, full of challenges, with opportunities for strategic thinking and big picture rewards.

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As a business owner, your outcomes don’t always match your goals. That’s why we developed the Owners Game.


Most business owners want to maximize the value they get out of their business in order to retire comfortably.


Many owners retire with too little reward for their years of sweat equity.


For most owners, the business sits too much on their shoulders and is as much a burden as an asset.

Players Learn Answers to the

Critical Questions


How do I prepare for a successful exit?


How do I move my business forward successfully?


How much do I need to put away for retirement, how can the business help me get there?

This game helps already savvy business owners get better at the real life game of business.

The goal of the game is to be ready to sell the business, accumulating enough to comfortably retire. Each team makes decisions of how the company should move forward, strategically and tactically, with situations that simulate real life experiences.

At the end of the game we recap and analyze the results, answering questions such as: “How do I make more profit?” “Where should I be investing my time as a business owner?” “What do I need to do to reach my goals and secure my future?” “Is my business prepared for the obstacles it will face?” “What are the next steps?”

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The Owner’s Game is not only for aspiring business owners, but anyone who wants to better grasp the mindset of a decision-maker. Presented by Strategy Leaders, The Owner’s Game is an interactive simulation where teams of decision makers start fictional businesses with the goal of selling them at a profit in five years’ time.

Throughout the evening, teams will encounter challenges and curveballs that might derail their best-laid plans and will have to work as a team to agree on the best course of action. By the end of the game, some teams may make money and others may lose money, but everyone will have a richer understanding of the real-life trials and tribulations of managing a business, working as a team, accepting outside advice and more.