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Realistic Business Goals During Uncertain Times

Originally Published: November 15, 2021 for Chauffeur Driven Magazine   Question: I’m not sure how to plan realistic business goals for the future. I’m almost at “what’s the point?”. The past year and a half have been so unpredictable. Expectations...

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Leaders Let Others Step Up

Letting Others Step Up

I'm letting others step up, but I find it hard training employees to do something exactly as I want it to be done. I struggle with handing things over because I want things done a certain way, and employees often...

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Managing a Young Workforce being yessed to death

Managing a Young Workforce

We’re hoping to maximize our opportunity with a young workforce. We’ve hired several young, entry-level workers. When managing a young workforce, how do we tap into their potential without burning them out? Thoughts of the Day: There are many reasons...

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transition from doer to business manager

From Doer to Manager

Our shop manager is a doer. His hands are on the machines because the right people aren't working for him. He doesn’t give out enough warnings, says he doesn’t have time to look for people to hire. He’d rather do...

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Benefits of Teamwork in Business

Bench Strength Building

Building bench strength and depth in people who will handle critical responsibilities. If one or two of our key players were out for an extended time, we’d be in big trouble. But I’m not sure who to move up, or...

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