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absentee boss Employees to Do Their Jobs

Way to Motivate Employees

We're looking for ways to motivate employees. The amount of effort needed to manage some of our employees is frustrating. If we don’t babysit them, whatever they’re supposed to be doing more often than not is either poorly done or...

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Demotion is never easy in business

Demotion is never easy

We know demotion is never easy. We’re worried about how one of our supervisors is going to react. We don’t want to lose him, but we’re bringing in a manager over him. This employee is clearly our star technical person....

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Hire for Passion Instead of the Task

  Thoughts of the day: Hire for passion when searching for new hires. Lead with what your business is all about. Find job candidates who are passionate about what your company does. Stop looking for last-minute job fillers. Make sure...

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Managing a Young Workforce being yessed to death

Managing Millennials after Hiring

  I need a strategy for managing millennials. I’m getting a lot of applications from millennials, but it seems like millennials are just looking for the next best thing and are not willing to work as hard as generations before....

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