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Become an expert at ERP

“ERP is such an important decision, I don’t want to half ass it. I’m not an expert at ERP – want someone who is completely unbiased to help me figure out what’s the best for the future of my business. I could easily spend 100 hours on it, but I don’t have time for that;…
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Don’t hesitate when dealing with thieves

“I just heard from a business associate that their company got looted by a couple of employees. Over a couple of years the employees stole more than $400,000. And no one noticed. My friend is obviously devastated. And I’m scared that this could happen to me. It’s not that my friend was an “absentee landlord.”…
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How to get your cash flow in order

“Last month wasn’t as good on the good bottom line as it should have been – 5 pay cycles, a workers comp rebate hasn’t come in yet, had to spend $8k for an engine repair, etc., etc. All it takes is 2-3 production guys missing any significant time and there goes the goal for left…
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Getting access to loans can be a challenge

“Don’t have any resources that I can use to go to the bank and ask for a loan. Want to buy a building and hire more people to grow the business. Would appreciate your thoughts on how to work through this.” Thoughts of the Day: It’s no joke saying that in small business the owner…
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Increase Profits by Focusing on Profit Margin

I’m not sure how to increase profits, and effectively manage profit margin. I don’t want low-margin sales and don’t want to sell low-margin products. But it’s hard to turn down opportunities from clients that have work for us. Thoughts of the Day: Take a look at your mix of business overall. Having a mix of…
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