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Close the Gap in Sales

Don’t know if my team can close the gap in sales that we need over the next several months. At least I’m worried about it now. But the real question is, what should I do about it. Thoughts of the...

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How to see the forest you love despite the trees in the way

Seeing the forest through the trees

I am so wrapped up in the day-to-day activities of my business that I don’t get around to working on the big picture. We're not seeing the forest through the trees. How much of a problem is this, really? After...

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Who’s Right for Business Sales?

Leadership Accountability

Accountability leadership starts at the top. My partner does not respond in a timely manner. Not only does it slow me down, it hurts the productivity of the rest of the organization. He’s a good guy and I know he...

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Teach Leadership To Your Employees

A formula for building up sales

We haven’t had good luck building up sales by turning things over to salespeople. We give them leads they don’t turn into business. Later on, we find they didn’t follow up on the leads. Or they followed up but couldn’t...

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non-compete agreements

Hope for the Best is Not a Business Strategy

Trying to figure out a business strategy we can count on for sales this year. Struggling with optimistic estimates and timing. People get excited when they talk to new prospects, and we’ve lost our share of “sure winners” we were...

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How to Increase Sales in your Busines

Take Sales Goals Seriously to See Results

  We’re not meeting sales goals or getting as much growth this year as needed. The goal was a conservative multiple of last year’s number. Our customers are mostly doing better this year than last, so I was pretty sure...

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