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How to Determine the Right Amount for Employee Bonuses

Bonus or Raise? Consider a Bonus

  When it comes to giving a bonus or raise, historically, we’ve given out raises. But we have lingering questions. About what to tie employee bonuses to. A suggestion was made to give one-time bonuses tied to profits for this...

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Weighing in on mid-year bonuses

  "Things are looking up. Right after we get through June, I want to give my employees a mid-year bonus. We didn't give raises or bonuses last year. We are now doing much better and I want to show them...

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Act Now Before Employee Burnout Burns You Out

Employee seeking rewards

  "One of my employees has asked for a raise. He had completed an educational program we asked him to take. Our sales are still slow and I've told everyone in the company we have to be extremely careful with...

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