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How to see the forest you love despite the trees in the way

Seeing the forest through the trees

I am so wrapped up in the day-to-day activities of my business that I don’t get around to working on the big picture. We're not seeing the forest through the trees. How much of a problem is this, really? After...

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Cross training allows to build talent bank

Culture Shapes Employee Motivation

I have been told that culture shapes employee motivation. Motivation solutions increase performance. I’m not great at that – seems gratuitous. I’m busy and get my tasks done, no one pats me on the back. Why should I do more...

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Manage, Match and Meet Customer Expectations

Get Employee Feedback

Ask Andi: How do I collect employee feedback? Dealing with employees is a never-ending struggle for me as a business owner. When things go wrong I’m least likely to get honest feedback. It's just when I need it the most....

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Getting Employees to Do Their Jobs

Irreplaceable? Think again…

Ask Andi: Many employees get comfortable then act like they're irreplaceable. They have grown into important roles. But that kind of attitude isn’t good for the company. Are long-time employees replaceable? Thoughts of the Day: Make great employees irreplaceable. Build...

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