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Buying a Business Can Be a Great Way to Grow

Business Growth by Acquisition

  Bought a small company a couple of years ago taking the business growth by acquisition approach. Everything that was bad with that deal is now coming to fruition. Any suggestions on what to do to make things better –...

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Building an Effective Sales Marketing Planning lead generation

Stop Reacting and Start Planning

Ask Andi: We need to start planning. We react to day-to-day issues, instead of looking ahead. We create problems by not fixing them. Can you help us stick to top priorities? Thoughts of the Day: Stop reacting, start planning. Identify...

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selling business You Need to Know About Buying or Selling Your Business

Should You Sell Your Business Now?

Ask Andi: Should sell my business? Someone has offered to buy it. I'm not really ready to get out. But I'm hearing about tax rate changes that reduce what I will get if I wait to sell until next year...

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Gearing Up to Sell the Business

I'm starting to think about selling my company. What can I do in a short period of time to prepare? Figure out what you want from the sale. Make sure the financials tell the story you want to tell. Do...

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