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Family Business Succession Plans

  Facing family business succession, we need a plan. We’re dealing with a family member who should be retiring. Unfortunately, she still owns the stock and is very controlling. We want to take the company forward, but don’t have the...

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Strategy Leaders Business Succession

Get Your Succession Plan in Order Now

  Our business needs a succession plan. The strategy has been to recruit good people, promoting from within if possible. With the people in place who could play a significant role in the company’s next generation, we're ready. Next we...

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Building an Effective Sales Marketing Planning lead generation

Stop Reacting and Start Planning

Ask Andi: We need to start planning. We react to day-to-day issues, instead of looking ahead. We create problems by not fixing them. Can you help us stick to top priorities? Thoughts of the Day: Stop reacting, start planning. Identify...

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selling business You Need to Know About Buying or Selling Your Business

Should You Sell Your Business Now?

Ask Andi: Should sell my business? Someone has offered to buy it. I'm not really ready to get out. But I'm hearing about tax rate changes that reduce what I will get if I wait to sell until next year...

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