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imagining the future - build a plan for business

Build your future business

The good news is we’ve been growing. But we’re operating a company of 50 employees the same way as we worked when we were 20 employees. We're ready to do things better as we continue to grow. We want to...

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Cross training allows to build talent bank

Afraid to hire employees

I’m afraid to hire employees, only to lay them off. Problem is I’m working more than I should be. I’m sure you’ve been to the same place. How do I get past the fear? Thoughts of the Day: Read your...

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cost to produce Operationsdelivery commitments

Putting a Spotlight on Operations

Ask Andi: A spotlight on operations shows our manager needs improvement. She doesn’t cut hours or hire anyone new. Employees she relies on aren’t fixing the problem. She funnels their work instead of getting new people up to speed. What...

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Leaders On-Board Change business behavior

Change Business Behavior

Ask Andi: How do we change business behavior? We need to deliver results. Get better as a company. It's difficult to break old habits. How can I help employees build habits that matter? Thoughts of the Day: There are ways...

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procedure manual employee benefit Improve Employee Efficiency

Build a Procedure Manual

Ask Andi: We are getting ready to hire another key person to help with our growing operation. I can see that it would help to build a manual - for someone else to come on board - the instructions -...

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Business Growth Strategy

Train for Business Growth

Ask Andi: We train for business growth, but it's such a black hole! It's becoming more challenging as we add people. The repetitiveness drains me. How can I impart the knowledge I don't have? Training for the business growth you...

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