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How to Please Big Clients

  Big clients aren’t especially happy with us these days. We have been struggling with the big accounts. Not understanding their needs well enough? Or profitable enough? Sometimes not on time or coming in over budget? How do I prevent...

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Manage Office Stress

We need to manage office stress. I’m worried about how stressful it’s been around here lately. We’re short-staffed but still working at full speed. Our head of operations is visibly stressed. With everything that’s piling up, that person is starting...

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Our Company's Future Voice

Address Online Customer Reviews Sincerely

  Our online customer reviews are suffering. What can we do? Thoughts of the Day: Excellent customer reviews have real value. Put someone who knows what they’re doing in charge, and then make sure they do their homework. Keep your...

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Growing a business is a balancing act

How do we make good financial choices? Like most owners I talk to, we don't have enough money to do everything we want to do. The business is doing okay, although it's had some ups and downs. We'd like to...

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