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Managing a Young Workforce

We’ve hired several young, entry level workers, and we’re hoping to maximize our opportunity with them. Not sure if anyone at age 21 knows what they want to do, but you have to start somewhere. How do we tap into their potential without burning them out? Thoughts of the Day: There are many reasons to…
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Building an Effective Sales and Marketing Plan

“I know sales can benefit from the guidance of a sales and marketing plan. But we don’t have one. What goes into that kind of plan? How do you make a plan that will be as effective as possible?” THOUGHTS OF THE DAY: Define on paper what results you want to achieve in sales and then…
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Getting Out the Door On Time

Want to have our field people get out the door faster. Some arrive late, and when they do punch in they take their time getting on the road. The field crews can’t get their work done and we can’t make money unless everyone is here on time and out the door almost as soon as…
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Building a Sales Team

We need to grow sales, which means increasing the number of people we have calling on potential business opportunities. Unfortunately we can’t get people to come in to interview for sales positions. How are we going to grow if we can’t find the people we need to help us get there?   Thoughts of the…
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How to Keep Good Employees from Straying

Feels like the workforce pool is shrinking. We don’t want to lose good people who might get offers from other employers looking for talent. We want to link pay increases to results: you learn something, now you’re worth more money. What should we do? Thoughts of the Day:  As the economy heats up, it’s normal…
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