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Successful Women Business Owners

Do you think women business owners have a harder time getting ahead with their small business as compared to their male counterparts? Do you think they get taken seriously by the people around them who can help or hinder their business? Or do they get special advantages because of women-owned business programs and if so, is…
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Cross training allows for replacement plans

If someone on the management team were to get sick, we’d need a replacement plan. What would that look like? Thoughts of the Day: Having people ready to step into another job reduces personnel crises. Cross training makes it easy to train one’s replacement. Replacement training can be good for morale. Be sure to explain…
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Train employees to avoid repeat mistakes

We are having trouble getting some of our employees to pay attention when they make mistakes. It’s almost like they get in a groove and can’t get themselves out of it. When there’s a mistake, we discuss it. The employees tell me they get it and then turn around and do it again. What am…
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Marketing manager responsible for driving sales

For our marketing manager, the pipeline report is a task, nothing more. How do we get buy-in to the role we want this tool to play? I want to ensure we have enough opportunities coming down the road to hit our sales goals, and get warnings when we have to do more marketing to keep…
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Growing with Labor Shortages

We’re finding it hard to take in more work at the moment. With the labor shortages, and unemployment so low, we are short on staff needed to produce the work. We’re finding it hard to find enough people who are interested or qualified to work for us. How do we keep growing if this is…
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