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Working the Night Shift: Is it time to add another shift?

We want to keep up with customer demands. How much can we produce without going to another shift, what is our shift capacity? We don’t have anything figured out for the night shift. When should we consider doing this, and what would be involved? How do we add another shift, and can we keep it…
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What’s in the Pipeline

  Can’t give you specific numbers on what’s in our pipeline. Don’t know how that relates to what we need for business in order to be healthy. Seems too complicated to try and put it all together. Thoughts of the Day: Knowing where the business stands numerically is a finance responsibility. Keeping track of the…
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Focusing Our Efforts On Growth and Profit

  “We own a few businesses and we’d agreed to put all of our efforts into growing the premium services company. However the results seem to be getting worse rather than better. I’m starting to wonder whether we chose the right company to focus on, and if so, how to get it going in the…
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Prioritizing at the Owner Level

  Have a partner who can’t prioritize. He works on one thing until he’s done, doesn’t matter how frustrated he gets, gets stuck and just is stuck. How can I help him get unstuck so he can work on top priority things? For that matter, what should be at the top of the priority list?…
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businessmen send golden boton to another one

Next Gen Takeover Requires Discussions

  Our parents are getting ready to retire, but I sense they’re not ready to trust that we can take over. There are four of us in the next generation. We have been in the company for a while. One of us is more serious about making something of the business and one of us has…
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