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Imagining the Future – build a plan

The good news is we’ve been growing. But we’re operating a company of 50 employees the same way as we worked when we were 20 employees. What should we be doing to make things better as we continue to grow?

Thoughts of the Day: Growing the company is a good thing, keeping up with growth can be a challenge. Think ahead about your future plan, build systems that will benefit a company twice the size. Figure out your leadership team of the future. Imagine your customers of the future. Build controls that serve the increased volume of activity. Learn about technology advances that can help you stay ahead of productivity and innovation curves.

Building a Sales Plan

We’ve never had a sales plan – a planned out way to get leads and work the leads. What should we use as a template? How can we make sure the plan works?

Thoughts of the Day: Most small businesses are light on written plans, and that can get in the way of producing consistent results. Mapping out your sales strategy and tactics gives you and your employees a roadmap to follow. Consistency in approach allows you to measure what’s working and identify what needs tweaking. Knowing how one stage relates to another helps you forecast what it will take to get the results you want.

Afraid to Lose Clients

  We have a huge fear of losing clients. Sometimes it paralyzes us. We’re afraid to stand up to bullies. We don’t raise prices. We’re not clear which clients we really need. We’re unsure if complaints are well deserved…

Find Gold by Controlling Inventory

Parts come in from lots of directions – picked up at stores, delivered to client sites, delivered to our shop. Parts also go out the door lots of ways: stocking up trucks, installed at client sites, sit around before…

Make a Deal

Incumbents only lose 20% of the time. If losses spike, pay attention. Deals we thought were in the bag have suddenly been put on hold. It feels like sales are flying out the window. Have to get things turned…