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imagining the future - build a plan for business

Build your future business

The good news is we’ve been growing. But we’re operating a company of 50 employees the same way as we worked when we were 20 employees. We're ready to do things better as we continue to grow. We want to...

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Building a Sales Plan for your Business

Building a Sales Plan

Building a sales plan is new to us. We’ve never made a planned out way to get leads and work leads. What should we use as a template? How can we make sure the plan works? Thoughts of the Day:...

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Afraid of Losing Business vendor not meeting deadline

Afraid of Losing Clients

We have a huge fear holding us back. We're afraid of losing clients. Sometimes it paralyzes us. We’re afraid to stand up to bullies. We don’t raise prices. We’re not clear which clients we really need. We’re unsure if complaints...

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Cash Reserves mid-term financial check

Mid-Year Financial Check-Up

Ask Andi: Our mid-year financial check-up shows we stray off course. This year we need to show a profit. We can’t have both high profits and low taxes. Where's the balance? What stats should we be watching? Thoughts of the...

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time inventory management | Strategy Leaders

Find Gold by Controlling Inventory

Ask Andi: We have trouble controlling inventory. Parts come in and go out from various directions. Picked up at stores. Delivered to clients or our shop. Brought in by stock trucks. Installed at clients. And sitting inventory. We could be...

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Successful business Dealmaking in Business

Business Dealmaking Skills

Ask Andi: Business dealmaking needs sharpening. Deals we thought were in the bag have suddenly been put on hold. Sales are flying out the window. We have to turn things around. Or next quarter could be really ugly. How are...

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cost to produce Operationsdelivery commitments

Get a Handle on Cost to Produce

Ask Andi: We need to get a better idea of the cost to produce what we sell. We need to do more to manage those costs. What would you say to this? Thoughts of the Day:  Managing cost to produce...

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