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We know the way.

Nothing Small About Small Business

The 5 Stages of Business Development. Think of the business as a tent … with the owner as the tent pole. Everything rests on the owner’s shoulders. As the business grows, that tent becomes harder and harder to hold up.

Our Program

Ineffectiveness Can Be a Big Waste of Money & Opportunity. Our business consulting services are not for everyone. Strategy Leaders works with the owners of privately held, established businesses. The owners have already built a dependable asset. Our clients know they don’t have all the answers, and they are ready for a change.

Industry Specific Benchmarking

Benchmark Groups. Strategy Leaders organizes and facilitates industry specific benchmarking groups throughout the country. These quarterly seminars bring together 12-15 leaders with an industry to work on various strategic topics including Sales, Finance, Marketing, Operations, and HR, as well as leadership training, and industry-specific best practices. The confidential nature of our meetings ensures that we can provide a group financial dashboard to take a deeper look at industry benchmarking.


Core Monthly Financial Reports For Business Owners.  We work closely with our clients and their financial advisors (accountant, bookkeeper) to review the business’ finances monthly. Using a combination of years of knowledge, and graphs, we look at the finances today and the projections for next year, and the years to come.

Exit Planning

A Proactive Series of Decisions. Oftentimes we meet business owners who live for the excitement of building their business. We love this enthusiasm, it’s what propels our clients to be successful business builders, and successful in our program. It’s not enough to just build a successful company, you also have to plan for your eventual exit.

Owners Game

Calling All Business Owners – Can You Sell This Company? The Owners Game helps business owners get smarter about running a business, without having to suffer the real life consequences. It is a team game played with a virtual company, full of challenges, with opportunities for strategic thinking and big picture rewards.